When Leaving Cert success means more than just points

When Leaving Cert success means more than just points
When Leaving Cert success means more than just points

A few years ago, student Darragh Cotter couldn’t leave his room due to his severe anxiety, and ended up leaving his mainstream school.

This week, he is celebrating receiving his Leaving Cert results at the Cork Life Centre with his friends.

“I don’t drink, so I think we’ll get a pizza and just hang out,” he laughed.

Although the teenager from Mayfield is delighted with his results, “the most important thing about this week is where I came from,” he explained.

“I dropped out [of my first year in school], by definition,” he said. “A few years ago when I came to the Cork Life Centre first, I was in a really bad place.

I was struggling to be in a classroom with even four or five people. The difference in myself now is staggering, and I’m quite proud of it.

Darragh is among almost 59,000 students nationwide who received their Leaving Cert results yesterday.

This year, five students, from Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Tipperary, and Galway respectively, all received eight H1s.

One of these students was Michael O’Grady of Christian Brothers College, Cork.

“I did a bit of study every day, but I also made sure to put a bit of time aside when I could to try and take my mind off the stress,” he said.

Michael O’Grady
Michael O’Grady

Nationally, 61 students received seven H1s and 235 received six H1s. A record number of students this year also opted to take the Higher Level maths exam.

First-round offers will be issued by the Central Applications Office (CAO) to students tomorrow — four days earlier than in previous years.

This year will be the first time that offers will not be posted to students. Instead, they will be available on the CAO website from 2pm on August 15. Students will also receive an email and a text message, if they have signed up for this option.

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