Two thirds of Irish families will be missing someone at Christmas.

It'll be lonely this Christmas


With so many Irish people having emigrated over the past few years it has emerged from recent research by Aviva that two-out-of-three families will be missing someone this Christmas Day and almost half of those absent have emigrated.

The hangover from the crash still lingers as 44% of people in Ireland will be missing someone from their home this festive season due to emigration.

New research by Aviva home insurance has found that 81% of those asked said spending time with family is the most important thing for them about Christmas.

Over a quarter of those (27%) who currently spend Christmas with their in-laws would ideally like to spend it with their own family.

One-in-10 respondents revealed they will be missing a close family member at home this Christmas because they have to work.

The survey carried out by REDC for Aviva found that 43% of those interviewed said having some time in their own home is the most important thing to them during the festive season.