Strike a pose: Yoga is the fastest growing fitness activity unless you are Irish!



Yoga is Australia’s fastest-growing sporting or fitness activity, with its popularity doubling since 2008, Roy Morgan Research shows. Two million Australians now grab a mat, take a breath, and pose as a cobra, cat, child, corpse and downward-facing dog.


The latest research shows one in 10 Australians (14+) now do Yoga, up from one in 20 in 2008. Back then, aerobics was the more popular fitness activity; today, more than twice as many people do yoga as aerobics.

As the fastest-growing sport or activity in the country over the past eight years, yoga has not only whizzed past aerobics in popularity, but also table tennis, ten pin bowling, darts and dancing… and soccer, cricket, tennis, and golf.

However you probably won’t find many Irish people practicing yoga specially if they’re from Donegal.

In a move against rubbery bendy people Father Padraig O’Baoill, a parish priest in Gweedore, County Donegal, issued a church newsletter stating that followers of Jesus Christ shouldn’t be taking part in activities that conflict with their faith.

“Don’t take any part in yoga classes, tai chi or reiki,” continues the newsletter. “Do not endanger your souls for the sake of such unsavoury activities.”

I do tend to agree with Fr O’Baoill that it is deeply unsavoury. This is a truth that most people realise when they give up after three sessions and start using their yoga mat as a draft excluder.

Plus an integral part of being into yoga is telling everyone you meet how ah-mazing it is, and how it’s not just about being able to touch your toes, it actually brings spiritual calm and makes you an all-round better person – certainly better than you, with your creaking, befouled starch-hips.

These bendy people pyjama wearer’s rarely drink alcohol – and not for the reasonable reasons, which are religion, previous alcoholism or pregnancy.

Give me Irish yoga any day….