Stop the bus! Irish dad and daughter gatecrash Oscars


Amid all the Oscars controversy last weekend an Irish dad and daughter were fulfilling a dream under the radar.

Lisa and her Dad Tom from Co Carlow were lucky enough to be part of a group of eight who were brought onto the Oscar stage.

As part of the 89th Academy Awards eight tour bus members were ushered out in front of all the A-listers and an audience of millions at home.

They were on a casual 3-day trip to LA and out of the blue they ended up getting to shake the hands of some of the biggest stars in Hollywood! Can you imagine!?

Lisa explained that it was her dad’s first time in LA and they had absolutely no idea that this would be happening.

‘We did the bus tour, we got to see all of LA. They dropped us off at the Hall of Fame,’ she said. They were then told that they would be brought to do a little bit of extra sight-seeing as part of a promotional tour…

‘So they were doing a tour with us first for about 45 minute and then we were told we were going backstage at the Oscars just to see gowns and jewellery, things like that.

‘And the next thing they’re like 1,2,3… and we walk in and …’


Watch the video from 2:14 secs