Revealed: TDs in line for pay rise to push their wages back over €100,000


TDs are set for a pay rise within months that will push their wages to more than €100,000 a year.

The increase that is also due to higher earners in the public service will be paid by July 1 and means their basic salary of €98,113 will jump to €100,191.

Senators’ pay will rise to €70,134 a year, as wages are restored to levels last reached in 2008 before pay cuts were imposed during the financial crisis.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform was unable to say exactly when wages will rise.

A spokesperson said the “post-FEMPI (emergency legislation that cut pay) rates will be subject to a ministerial order in due course”, but by July 1.

She confirmed that deputies would be eligible for another 1pc pay hike in October next year.

This is due under a proposed new public sector pay deal that is set to be ratified by unions tomorrow.

However, legislation prevents the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and ministers from benefitting from the unwinding of pay cuts until the end of next year.

The 2pc increase in July will come less than a year after TDs and senators’ pay rose by 2pc under the last public sector agreement in October.

Some TDs waived that pay rise back to the State. They claimed it was not appropriate when thousands of workers were depending on wage subsidies and unemployment supports during the pandemic.

In a recent tweet, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said she would not be accepting recent increases.

“I have not taken a pay increase of €10,200,” she said. “This is a time of crisis.

“Workers and families are struggling. More money for TDs is just wrong.”

The outcome of ballots of over 340,000 public servants on the €906m Building Momentum deal will be announced tomorrow.

It is expected to be ratified by the Public Services Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. The largest public sector union, Fórsa, is due to announce the result of its ballot today.

Building Momentum would mean increases of up to 3pc for state employees by the end of next year.

However, TDs will not be eligible for an initial 1pc pay hike due under the deal in October because they are getting the July payment.

The department spokesperson said under legislation, the minister shall “provide for completion of pay restoration to public servants paid an annual basic salary of €150,000 or less” by July 1 2021.

“This will include TDs.”

She said public servants, including TDs, due pay restoration this year would not receive the “general round increase” of 1pc under Building Momentum.

“TDs’ salary will be fully restored to 2008 level by July 2021 and they will be eligible for the 1pc under Building Momentum in October 2022,” she said.

Under Building Momentum, 1pc or €500 a year, whichever is the greater, would be paid to public servants on October 1 this year. Another 1pc would be due on October 1 next year.

There is also potential for another 1pc increase for staff who submit claims to a new sectoral bargaining fund. A fourth-year student nurse’s yearly wage would rise from its current rate of €21,749 to €22,249 on October 1 this year if the deal is rubberstamped. It would increase further to €22,749 on October 1 next year.

However, a spokesperson for the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation said they do not earn the full salary as they only work for 36 weeks a year. He said those in year one to three of their degrees are not paid.

A staff nurse at the top of the pay scale would see their annual salary increase from €46,021 to €47,021 following two €500 pay rises by October 1 next year.

And a garda with 17 years’ service who currently earns basic pay of €54,469 a year would end up on €55,563 under the deal.

However, these figures do not include additional payments like overtime, premium pay or allowances that can significantly boost earnings.

The ASTI, IMO and Medical Laboratory Scientists Association have rejected the deal.


Basic pay after increases due this year and next (due to ‘restoration’ payments and proposed new pay deal)


€100,191 (before July 1, 2021)

€101,192 (October 1, 2022)


€70,134 (before July1, 2021)

€70,835 (October 1, 2022)

Staff nurse/midwife*

€47,021(October 1, 2022)

(Note: long service increment after three years on the max €48,431)

Student nurse/midwife*

(*fourth year nurse, who is paid for 36 weeks of this annual amount)

€22,249 (October 1, 2021)

€22,749 (October 1, 2022)


€55,013 (October 1, 2021)

€55,563 (October 1, 2022)

Clerical officer* in civil service

€41,092 (October 1, 2021)

€41,592 (October 1, 2022)

Secretary general

(secretary general 1-most senior grade)

€213,859 (October 2021)

The department was unable to provide details of the restoration increase due in 2022

*Examples given are at the maximum level of their payscale

Source: Irish News