Revealed: Every college course listed on the CAO and their 2020 points


With about 1,400 higher education courses listed with the CAO, selecting the right one can be a very challenging for individuals.

or those planning to go to college in the autumn, it’s decision time, with the CAO application deadline, February 1, looming.

Experts advise that CAO applicants should follow their passion when it comes to third-level study, but sometimes the sheer array of courses can make that a daunting task.

One must not presume to understand the content of the course from its title or that courses with the same name in different colleges have the same content.

The table (below) is designed to assist the research. It is compiled exclusively for the Irish Independent and brings together information in a format that is not available in any other single location, with the 2020 points.

Importantly, courses are listed by areas of study, rather than by college, so it allows prospective applicants easily to review what is available relevant to their field of interest, including courses they may not have considered.

It contains courses available through the CAO, at both Level 8 and Level 7/6, including most, if not all, of the changes announced since the publication of the CAO Handbook. It is a guide and every effort is made to ensure accuracy. Applicants should also do their own research.

Further changes may occur in the months ahead. Students should keep an eye on the college alert lists, which can be found in the Student Resources section of the CAO website.

Applications can be made for these courses during the ‘Change of Mind’ period.

Some courses may appear more than once in because they are considered to contain a strong element of two subject areas and students may approach these courses from different perspectives. Other courses are included only once, even though they contain elements that could be included in another subject area, but these elements are not the main focus.

It is essential that applicants research all courses in which they are interested. Those who drop out of college in first year commonly report that their reason for doing so was that the content of the course was not what they expected.

The table includes both the final cut-off points for entry in 2020 as well as the mid points. This allows students to see the minimum points that were needed for a place last year, as well as providing an indication of the points offerees attained by giving the mid-way points between the highest and lowest attained by those who were offered a place.

In some cases, there are no points listed as these courses are appearing on the CAO for the first time.

These tables include courses associated with Cork IT (CIT) and IT Tralee (ITTral), which, on January 1, became Munster Technological University (MTU). Successful applicants will be entering MTU.
✦ Key to symbols/initials as follows:
* Not all on this score were offered a place
# Test/interview/portfolio/audition;
AQA — all qualified applicants.

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