Remember When Zig and Zag met President Trump!

Check out their full interview below:


Donald Trump, may have been elected as President of United States yesterday, however some would say that he had previously accomplished something even greater in his career – and that would be being interviewed by Zig and Zag.

The duo from planet Zog shared their meeting with Trump earlier on Facebook after he was announced as the US President.

The trio met in 1998 when the business man appeared with the two “illegal aliens” for their popular RTE show.

Trump didn’t seem to have any problems with the “illegal” aliens, but then again no-one in their wildest dreams would have thought that Donald Trump would the US President in 2016.

Donald confessed that it’d be very easy for them to set up their own resort, however it would set them back around £700million.

He told the pair about the “vicious finance people” they’d have to deal with, revealing, “they’re mean, they’re terrible, they don’t sleep at night. They toss and turn and sweat and take advantage of you.”