Pearse Doherty: Government and Tánaiste 'naive' to believe bankers


Sinn Féin says the Tánaiste needs to correct the account of a meeting he had with senior bankers he gave to the Dáil.

On Thursday, Leo Varadkar said banks told him interest could be waived during people’s mortgage payment breaks.

But in an interview yesterday, he said he had since checked his notes and discovered they told him they did have to charge interest.

Sinn Féin’s spokesman on finance, Pearse Doherty, says Minister Varadkar shouldn’t have taken the word of bankers.

“He now has a responsibility to go and correct the record of the Dáil but probably more importantly what he has a responsibility to do is to deal with this issue,” he said.

The fact is, the banks have been giving the government the runaround on this.

“The government has been extremely naive to believe, hook line and sinker, the word of senior bankers and in the middle of all this here we have banks who are profiteering from this pandemic.”

Source: Business News