One-fifth of Leaving Cert students appeal calculated grades


More than one in five Leaving Cert candidates have appealed the calculated grades they received.

hen the deadline for appeal applications closed, 12,292 of the 60,419 students challenged how the process introduced to replace the June exams treated them.

Overwhelmingly, the appellants were from among the 57,569 candidates entered for the traditional exam, with fewer than 100 from the 2,850 students entered for the alternative, Leaving Cert Applied (LCA)

In total, the 12,292 students involved appealed 33,677 grades. There were about 405,000 grades issued for students entered for the traditional Leaving Cert.

The appeals process is much more limited that than in other years and extends only to checking for errors in the recording and transmission of marks/grades relating to individual students

The system does not provide for students either challenging the estimated percentage mark provided by teachers or the final grade awarded by the Calculated Grades Executive Office (CGEO).

In Leaving Cert results issued last week, the Department of Education said there has been no change of grade from that suggested by the school in 79pc of cases; school estimates were raised in 4pc of cases and were lowered in 17pc of cases. More than 60,000 grades were lowered.

A Department of Education spokesperson said they would process the appeals as quickly as possible.

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Source: Irish News