Murderer Philip Dunbar sentenced to life in prison as court told victim ‘was the light in any room’


ADAM Muldoon was “the light in any room”, his sister said yesterday in a powerful statement to the Central Criminal Court, in which she pointed out that the man who stabbed her brother 183 times has shown no remorse for the “gruesome” murder.

n a second victim impact statement, Adam’s father, Michael Bolger, wrote that the family “can’t understand how anyone could be so callous and brutal to inflict such a death on such a sweet and innocent person”.

Philip Dunbar (20) was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of 23-year-old Adam ‘Floater’ Muldoon at Butler Park, Jobstown Park, Tallaght on June 22 or 23, 2018.

Dunbar stabbed Mr Muldoon 183 times in an unprovoked attack with a fold-up knife and then went to a friend’s house where he boasted that he had “slaughtered Floater” and “put him out of his misery” as he “begged for his life”.

He was found guilty of murder by a unanimous jury verdict at the Central Criminal Court earlier this week.

Mr Muldoon’s younger sister, Katie Muldoon, delivered a powerful statement to the Central Criminal Court, saying that Adam had struggled from birth having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

He struggled to fit in, his sister said, and despite facing obstacles throughout his life, particularly following his mother’s death, he kept fighting. “He was the light in any room,” she said.

When Adam and Katie’s mother died, Katie said the family became separated and Adam moved to Tallaght where other teenagers would take advantage of him.

However, he “overcame every challenge independently”, she said, and, good-natured as he was, would “have a giggle with anybody. He really wouldn’t hurt a fly”.

The day he was murdered, she said, her life changed forever.

On the day she was supposed to be celebrating her 16th birthday, her family held a wake for her brother. She felt powerless and stated that “everything has been downhill from there”.

“My heart aches,” she said, as she thinks of Adam’s final moments and the fear he must have felt. She imagines her brother crying for her help.

“Hearing how he begged for his life haunts me,” she said. Since that awful day, there have been times when she can’t even say her brother’s name as it would cause her to have a panic attack.

She said that her physical and mental health began to suffer following Adam’s murder, adding: “There was no good left in the world. Everything was just dark.”

Ms Muldoon said that her brother didn’t deserve such a “gruesome” death and added that the family had to endure a trial because Dunbar pleaded not guilty and then continued to lie.

“His lack of emotion shows he has no remorse for what he has done.”

She thanked the people of Tallaght who had given evidence that helped secure Dunbar’s conviction.

The statement written by Adam’s father was read to the court by Det Gda Nuala Burke.

He wrote that the family was “devastated” by his son’s death.

He added that Dunbar had caused “unimaginable despair, grief and heartache”.

Counsel for Dunbar, Giollaíosa O Lideadha SC, indicated that his client intends to appeal the murder verdict.

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Source: Irish News