Marriage rollercoaster: Couple's golden Valentine's Day

Marriage rollercoaster: Couple's golden Valentine's Day
Marriage rollercoaster: Couple's golden Valentine's Day

A married couple will today raise a Valentine’s Day glass to a “rollercoaster” 50 years of married life and love.

Bernard and Anne Stevenson, both aged 75, got married exactly 50 years ago on February 14, 1970, in Rathgar. They had begun dating after meeting at a dance in Clery.

The couple say that their lucky number is 14 – because they got married on the 14th day, their first house number was 14 and there are now 14 people in their family.

They have three children together, Orla, Vicki and Kenny, and will celebrate with a family meal tonight.

“We have experienced it all and have been there for each other in sickness and in health,” said Anne.

“It has all been a rollercoaster, we’ve had our good times and our bad times, but the best parts have of course been our children and our six grandchildren.”

Originally from Mayo, Anne was working in Custom House as a civil servant in the mid-1960s before she met Bernard, a Dublin man. They have travelled all over the world together.

“Celebrating our anniversary is so special, I can’t believe we’ve gotten here,” she said. Daughter Orla Devoy said: “They’re very supportive of each other and were always very close.”

“It’s a big milestone, we’ve had a few health issues throughout the years but we’ve worked through it all,” Bernard said.

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