Irish e-scooter firm included in UK's post-Covid alternative public transport trials


Irish electric scooter company Zeus Scooters has been invited to be part of the UK government’s trials for so-called e-scooters to be used as a shared public transport option.Britain is holding the trials in a bid to provide further transport solutions and address traffic congestion. The prospect of people not wanting to travel on public transport as a result of Covid-19 has accelerated the country’s plans to have e-scooters as an additional option.Zeus was founded by former banker Damian Young and the company is behind the world’s first three-wheeled dockless e-scooter. It has launched its scooters in six cities across Germany and is hopeful of an Irish launch.Despite not being legal here, the company is hopeful legislation will pave the way for launch in the not too distant future.“Now, with Eamon Ryan of the Greens holding the transport portfolio we would certainly hope that the Irish government will see electric scooters as a sustainable, environmentally friendly transport solution and a means of easing traffic congestion in Irish cities,” said Mr Young.E-scooters are included in the programme for government here, but Zeus has written to Mr Ryan to urge the introduction of legislation before the end of the summer.

Source: Business News