Ireland’s slimmest house? Get the skinny on 2m-wide D8 digs for €285k

Ireland’s slimmest house? Get the skinny on 2m-wide D8 digs for €285k
Ireland’s slimmest house? Get the skinny on 2m-wide D8 digs for €285k

Fancy picking up a slice of the Dublin property market for less than €300,000?

You might be in luck.

Despite prices in the capital continuing to increase, a savvy buyer can nab a bargain, once they don’t mind scrimping on space. Measuring just 2m wide, 19a Long Lane is listed for sale for €285,000.

Located just off Dublin’s Camden Street, the property is known as ‘The Skinny House’. And, it lives up to its name: it measures 34sq m in total.

The house was apparently created by accident. The builder of the red- brick property started construction at either end and the houses failed to meet in the middle. Originally used as a laneway, 19A was eventually roofed and turned into a house.

It has high ceilings, currently used for storage, and served its current owners as an Airbnb and their own home-away-from-home.

Previously, Tom Sykes lived in Carlow and used 19A as a place to stay when in Dublin, but he and his family have now moved to the capital and no longer need the property.

He said it is a wrench to let it go, but that it makes sense.

“When we bought it, it was pretty much a wreck,” he said.

“Literally everyone told me I was mad to buy it but I just thought it was really cool. I had always wondered what was behind that little door.

“My wife trained as an architect and we were fascinated by it.”

It is comparable to many one-bed apartments, Mr Sykes said.

“It’s not that small because there is no wasted space. In a normal apartment, the hallway is just wasted space.”

It was a hit with most of its Airbnb residents — they were usually surprised by how spacious it was, Mr Sykes said, bar one who complained that ‘it was a bit small’.

“You can’t please everyone, but we had a four-and-a-half-star rating because we made sure to tell them how small it was,” he said.

Last year, property in Dublin 8 sold for an average price of €357,900, according to the CSO. Nearby one-bed apartments are listed for very similar prices.

Estate agents Sherry Fitzgerald are handling the sale, with an open viewing tomorrow at 11am.

“There has been a really good response,” a sales agent said.

“Lots of first-time buyers have enquired, many of whom are shopping in the apartment market.”

Mr Sykes refuted the idea that the price was excessive in the current climate.

“The property market in Dublin is nuts,” he said.

“But look at other capital cities.”

He pointed to London’s so-called ‘slim house’, a 7.5ft wide house that is listed for £1m.

“I just hope that whoever buys it loves it and appreciates it as this cool, unique property,” he said.

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