‘I love Ireland’ – Grainne Seoige’s husband Leon Jordaan on couple’s move from South Africa as he goes into business with CJ Stander


Grainne Seoige’s other half Leon Jordaan has said the couple are “very grateful” to be back in Ireland after moving home from South Africa in the midst of a global pandemic.

eon and his TV star wife Grainne moved back to Ireland a few months ago after making the big decision to come back here for good and concentrate on their two businesses.

Now based themselves in south Galway, they are only a 20 minute drive from Grainne’s parents in Spiddal.

However, leaving South Africa which is now in the throes of another Coronavirus spike, was more arduous than they ever imagined.

“We had everything lined up and ready to go and then the country went from level zero to level 5 lockdown within the space of a week,” Leon told Independent.ie.

“So the day our container was due to leave for Ireland, that’s when the lockdown came in, so it was delayed for three months. But we made it, we’re here and we’re very grateful to be here,” he said.


Leon Jordaan and Grainne Seoige. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Leon Jordaan and Grainne Seoige. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Leon Jordaan and Grainne Seoige. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Leon Jordaan and Grainne Seoige. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Leon is tackling a new venture selling BBQ equipment with fellow South African and Ireland rugby star CJ Stander.

The pair have joined up, along with shareholder Darin Claasen, to bring a little bit of South African culture to the homes of Ireland by introducing their year-long concept of the Braai.

They have just started up a new company called Fireboks selling premium BBQ-ing equipment and say they have already had a huge amount of interest in the concept.

Former ‘Crimecall’ presenter Grainne has a jewellery business which she ran from South Africa called Grace Diamonds and 95pc of her customers are Irish.

And Leon, who spent ten years here while coaching rugby, said despite the obvious difficulties involved in moving in the middle of a pandemic, coming back was the obvious choice for them.

Missing close family members was also a key element in their decision to return, having got married at the Village at Lyons in December 2019.

“I love Ireland, I’ve got my citizenship already. Plus Grainne’s parents are both still alive and in very good shape and they’re young at heart and very active,” he told the Irish Independent.

“I lost my dad last December, just before the wedding actually so both my parents have passed away and we felt her parents were getting old without us being there.

“Grace Diamonds had grown to such an extent that we really needed to be here as 95pc of our clients are Irish and it made sense to move over for the business, given the way that it’s grown.”

Their Fireboks website features a range of BBQ products from freestanding fire boxes to safari braais, pizza domes and Braai grids, alongside cooking utensils.

Their launch date is February 1 but they have already pre-sold a number of items from their South-African range.

“The Irish love to BBQ but they only do it outside for those three weeks in summer. We’ve been doing since I was small, either in the house with a built-in unit or a freestanding unit outside.

“So I thought, we need to show the Irish they’re missing out on the other 48 weeks of the year,” he said.

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