HSE investigating cluster of Covid-19 infections following Kerry ‘house party’


The HSE is investigating an outbreak of Covid-19 across the country following a gathering in Killarney last weekend.

he cluster is widespread “involving several Departments of Public Health in other HSE areas” according to a letter sent to GP’s in the HSE South region, which includes Kerry and Cork.

More than 30 young people from around the country travelled to the tourist town for the weekend and stayed in rented accommodation in the area for a number of days, which led to the emergence of a cluster of Covid-19 cases amongst the group.

It is unknown how many confirmed cases of Covid-19 are among the group as testing and contact tracing is continuing. The young people live in various locations around the country and had come together in Killarney for the weekend.

GP’s in the HSE South area were informed of the emergence of a cluster on Friday evening in a letter from the Department of Public Health. Some of the cases are in this area, the letter stated but most live in other parts of the country.

The Department of Public Health has stated that the information provided to them is that a group of more than 30 young people travelled to Killarney for several days and held house parties in rented accommodation in the town.

The Department said that the group did not visit pubs in the town.

Consultant in Public Health Dr Margaret B. O’Sullivan in her letter to health practitioners says “the current information” was the group of “30 plus people essentially stayed together partying in their rented accommodation.

“A cluster of Covid-19 cases is currently being investigated among a group of 30-plus young people who travelled from different parts of the country to Killarney last week and stayed together for a number of days there,” Dr O’Sullivan told GPs in the HSE South region.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the use of transport to Killarney with one of the groups from outside Kerry, using public transport to get to the town. The majority travelled by car.

“One mode of public transport, taken elsewhere in the country, by one of the group is being followed up,” the letter stated.

The Department of Public Health said that contract tracing is taking place and many of those within the group have been sent for testing.

They advised that this cluster has caused concern regarding the transmission of Covid-19 among young people and that increased vigilance with young people and partying must be maintained

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Source: Irish News