Here’s what the new iPhone 13, 13 mini and 13 Pro are like


Apple has launched new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models, upgrading some features from the current iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models.

t has unveiled four updated devices with largely the same screen sizes and design as the current iPhone 12 products — a 5.4-inch ‘mini’, a 6.1-inch standard, a 6.1-inch ‘Pro’ and a 6.7-inch ‘Pro Max’.

The biggest upgrade is on the ‘Pro’ model, which now comes with a higher screen ‘refresh rate’ of 120hz for smoother scrolling.


The iPhone 13 comes in a new pink colour

The iPhone 13 comes in a new pink colour

The iPhone 13 comes in a new pink colour

All of the models come with more storage (starting at 128GB) than previous versions of the smartphone. The iPhone 13 Pro also now comes with a maximum storage capacity of 1,000GB, for €1,759 or €1,859. (Pro Max), while the 13 and 13 mini have a top storage capacity of 512GB.

All of the new phones also feature Apple’s latest phone chip, the A15 Bionic.

Battery life is improved in the basic 13 (by 2.5 hours) and 13 mini (by 1.5 hours) models, according to Apple.

iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has put a new camera sensor under the hood of the new phones, which allows 47pc more light in for low-light shooting. It has also bumped up the optical zoom lens on the iPhone 13 Pro from 2.5x to 3x. A new macro photography mode has also been added to the iPhone 13 Pro models.

Screen brightness has been dialled up on all of the new handsets.

There’s a new pink iPhone 13 model, while the iPhone 13 Pro gets a new blue colour.

Pricing for the entire new iPhone 13, mini and 13 Pro range starts at the same level as last year’s iPhone 12 prices.