Here’s how to watch the Late Late Toy Show in Australia


No matter your age, if you grew up or had kids yourself in Ireland, the Late Late Toy Show is likely to feature somewhere in your nostalgic Christmas memory bank.

A firm favourite on the TV calendar, The Late Late Toy Show signals, for many, the official start of Irish Christmas festivities.

Fans of The Late Late Toy Show will be able to watch the annual Christmas extravaganza LIVE from anywhere in the world, RTE has revealed.


A family tradition, it is the one night of the year when children of all ages are allowed to stay up way past their bedtime to watch a few lucky youngsters share their often hilarious thoughts on the latest toys and gadgets.

The Late Late Toy Show is a right of passage for children (and adults) in Ireland coming up to Christmas – and now you can watch it from anywhere in the world.

More than 1.5 million viewers around the globe are expected to watch this year’s show, which airs this Friday at 9.35pm Irish time.

The show is available to watch for free worldwide, live and on-demand, on RTÉPlayer International ( desktop, iOS and Android apps.

“The fact that it is available to watch free across the world means that Irish emigrants get a chance to connect with their home in a way that is absolutely unique to us as a people,” Ryan Tubridy said this week.

“Nobody else would understand what this bonkers show is about!”

The Dublin broadcaster also revealed that this year’s opening act will be one of the “most ambitious” in Toy Show history.

So what time does The Late Late Toy Show start?

It starts at 9.35pm in Ireland, so in…

  • Sydney, Australia: Saturday morning at 8.35am
  • Perth, Australia: Saturday morning at 5.35am
  • Toronto, Canada: Friday afternoon at 4.35pm
  • Vancouver, Canada: Friday afternoon at 1.35pm
  • San Francisco, USA: Friday afternoon at 1.35pm
  • New York, USA: Friday afternoon at 4.35pm
  • Seoul, South Korea: Saturday morning at 6.35am

Is the Toy Show uniquely Irish? Will you be watching from abroad this year? Is it a tradition you have passed down to your kids overseas? Or does the show make you cringe?

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