'He will always be the first person I think of' – Rob Kearney on tragic death of his brother Ross (6)


Rob Kearney, the most decorated player in Irish Rugby, has spoken about the tragic and untimely death of his brother Ross.

oss was just six years old when he was tragically killed after he was hit by a truck.

Speaking on The Late Late Show, Rob admitted he hadn’t often spoken publicly about his brother’s death but said his new book, No Hiding – My Autobiography, was the perfect opportunity to honour Ross.

“I was two and-a-half and he was six. It is not something I have spoken about publicly too much, but I suppose when you are doing a book you want to pay tribute to the people who have been really important in your life.

“Certainly, it was an opportunity to honour him and also to honour my parents who managed to keep the show on the road and make a very normal environment for me growing up, when it was anything but normal.”

Rob told Ryan Tubridy the heartbreaking story of how Ross passed away and said he was “fortunate and unfortunate” that he had no recollection of the fateful day but also little memory of his brother.

“He was hit by a truck. Himself and Richard, my older brother, were dropping a letter across the road, and it was their first time being allowed to cross the main road – it was a big day for the two of them.

“They went across and posted the letter, but on the way back they found a letter that someone hadn’t posted and went in to ask my father what to do. Knowing right well that he would say, ‘okay, off you go on your second trip to the mailbox’ and Ross ran ahead onto the road and was hit by a truck. The rest is history, as they say.

“No recall of it, I suppose fortunately and unfortunately. I haven’t had to endure the scars that Mum, Dad and Richard have had to, but there is a huge part of me that would have loved to have gotten to know him and to remember some of the memories that we would have had together,” Rob admitted.

The former Leinster player, who is due to join Western Force in Australia, revealed that he and Ross have a very special connection.

“We share a birthday,” he said, adding: “It’s really nice – I don’t have any memories of our time together but I’ll wake up on my birthday and he will always be the first person that I think of.”

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Source: Irish News