‘Flight from hell’ passenger on flight from Dublin to Malaga says group of 50 people were ‘celebrating’ without social distancing or masks


A passenger on a plane from Dublin Airport to Spain yesterday said that it was a “flight from hell” due to a group of around 50 people who were “celebrating” without social distancing or masks.

TÉ Liveline caller Michael explained that on his business trip yesterday, he spotted the crowd at the bar before they boarded the same flight as him and his brother.

The group of around 45 to 50 people were of mixed ages, aged in their 60s, 50s, with children as well as young adults.

“When we did our check in walking down towards the gate we noticed a group of about 50 people in the bar,” he said.

“Pints, gin and tonics, vodka, no social distancing, no face masks.

“It was kind of surprising.

“I said to my brother, ‘I hope they’re not on the plane we’re going on.”

However, he was in for a rough journey after the group boarded that very same Ryanair flight to Malaga.

“It was like a flight from hell… I do a fair bit of flying and I have never seen anything like it.

“It was chaos, the whole thing. They wouldn’t wear masks and had brought alcohol on plane.

“It was horrendous,” Michael explained.

He said that the group would not be seated and had little regard for social distancing or face coverings.

“They took things off the trolley and wouldn’t pay for them. They were told, the captain came on the loudspeaker, the intercom, ‘Please sit down’.

“I spoke to one of the flight attendants and she said it was the worst flight she was ever on.”

He said that the group started “scrapping” on the plane and “were not comfortable”.

“The whole aisle was blocked up most of the time the people did not take their proper seats.”

In a statement to Independent.ie, Dublin Airport said that “fewer than” 3,000 passengers travelled through the airport yesterday and that this is a decline of 95pc in comparison to last year.

Food and beverages are sold in the airside area to the “very small number of people who are travelling”

“There are only two bars operating in general areas after security as the third is after the US CBP area which means you need to be travelling to the US to access it,” read the statement.

“Operators of food and beverage outlets require anyone purchasing alcohol to also purchase a substantial meal at a cost of €9.”

The statement added that there are over 1,000 hand sanitisers and that “all facilities and services throughout Dublin Airport are deep cleaned and regularly disinfected throughout the day” as well as “thousands” of social distancing signs.

Face masks are also mandatory inside the airport and the spokesperson added that “there is an element of personal responsibility” when it comes to coronavirus protocols.

Ultimately, as is the case with all Covid-19 rules and guidelines throughout the country, there is an element of personal responsibility when it comes to adhering to the clear advice that is in place.

Independent.ie has contacted Ryanair for comment.

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Source: Irish News