‘Fennelly was not mentioned enough after semi-final’

‘Fennelly was not mentioned enough after semi-final’
‘Fennelly was not mentioned enough after semi-final’

Enquiring reporter: Michael Walsh (former Kilkenny goalkeeper)

“I would have felt at the start of the year that there were seven or eight teams capable of winning the All-Ireland final.

“Whoever, at the right time, got that bit of momentum was going to push on and get [to the final]. There are going to be some teams out there cursing their luck but the opportunity came and they didn’t take it. And so it is back to the traditional final again.

“The Kilkenny team that started against Limerick, 14 of that 15 will start against Tipperary. The second midfield place is probably up for grabs between two or three players. I don’t think there’ll be any other change to the team and I’ll be very surprised if there is.

“I feel the emergence of Adrian Mullen and the revitalisation of Colin Fennelly is huge. Colin was not mentioned enough after the semi-final.

His performance was massive. The TJ Reid thing has driven a few of them on because he was, in the opening games, carrying the whole thing. Others have now come to the forefront. I feel the likes of Reid, Mullen and Fennelly are going to be really strong in this final.

“Then you also have Walter Walsh and Richie Hogan. That Kilkenny forward unit will be really, really hard to manage.

“Whether Tipperary have enough to match those forwards, I am not so sure.

“I don’t think Brian Cody is going to move Huw Lawlor from the edge of the square because full-back is his position. Whether that becomes a straight match-up with Seamus Callanan depends on the [make-up of the] Tipperary half-forward line.

“I’d say Liam [Sheedy] would love to leave Callanan in full-forward but the Tipperary half-forward line needs to improve from the last day in terms of how much ball they are getting through. I felt Callanan coming out the last day was key.”

(Michael Walsh was speaking on Tipp FM)

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