Explainer: what are the differences between Level 4 and 5 of the Covid-19 guidelines?


It’s just one jump from the Level 4 to Level 5 Covid-19 prevention guidelines, but there are some significant differences in what is allowed under each.

ne of the main differences concerns the distance that people are allowed to travel. Level 5 will see us again told to stay home with exercise restricted to within 5km of our homes.

The lower level allows for travel within your country only, with exceptions for essential purposes such as work and education.

Elite sport events are permitted to take place under Level 4, but not Level 5.

Under Level 4, bars, cafés and restaurants can stay open, but can only allow outdoor dining, with a maximum of 15 people. The higher level sees only takeaway food or delivery allowed.

The situation is similar for pubs that only serve alcohol – limited to 15 people outdoors at Level 4 and takeaway and delivery only at Level 5.

Many of the restrictions are the same under both levels.

House visits are forbidden and only six people are allowed to attend weddings.

Public transport is reduced to 25pc capacity and available for essential work purposes only.

Religious services are to be held online with places of worship open for private prayer under both levels.

Up to 25 mourners can attend a funeral under Level 4. That number is reduced to 10 for Level 5.

For hotels and accommodation, only those with essential, non-social and non-tourist purposes can stay under both levels.

Essential retail and businesses that are primarily outdoors only can remain open, with all other retail and personal services closed under Level 4.

Under Level 5, only essential retail can open.

Schools and crèches will remain open under Level 4 with protective measures, while higher and adult education will move primarily online.

Level 5 requires recommendations “based on the situation and evidence at time.”

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Source: Irish News