Epic Video From Aussie Surfer Mick Fanning’s Recent Trip To Ireland

Mick Fanning looks toward his future in Ireland
Mick Fanning looks toward his future in Ireland

Gold Coast local and surfing legend Mick Fanning has travelled to some of the worlds most beautiful locations.

But one place has always held a special place for Mick, and it’s a place that the World Tour didn’t take him to.

Ireland. Ireland is where Mick’s family is from. Mick Fanning has a strong Donegal heritage and is a regular visitor to Ireland. Mick has been spotted in Bundoran a few times but is most at home in Malin, birth place of his father. And it’s where he feels his roots.

He hit the mainstream media in 2015 after surviving a shark attack in South Africa, you probably remember it. We loved his reaction to the incident, “I’m just lucky it wasn’t my time.”

On his most recent visit to Ireland, he brought along a camera crew from Rip Curl and recorded this amazing video about why Ireland is so important to him.

It’s the best advertisement for Ireland that we’ve seen in a very long time, the place looks STUNNING.