'Enforcer' who cut up man with chainsaw has drug charge bail revoked


A Dublin criminal who was convicted of dismembering a man’s body with a chainsaw and dumping it in a lake is in Castlerea Prison this weekend after a judge revoked his bail.

hilip County (33), who has links to the Kinahan cartel, had been due to be sentenced in October after he pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine and MDMA with a total street value of €7,298 during an armed raid at his home in Edgeworthstown, Co Longford, in October 2017.

Last month, he was released on bail and told by Judge Keenan Johnson that he was facing a three-year sentence, with two suspended depending on a probation report.

Previously described in court as an “enforcer” for a criminal gang, County, who is originally from Lucan, has 56 previous convictions, including a number for drugs and firearms.

At last month’s court hearing, Judge Johnson said he could not overlook County’s previous convictions and “it will warrant some element of a custodial sentence” before adjourning sentencing in the case until October 6 and granting the criminal bail until that date.

However, the judge was not made aware at that court hearing that County had, in fact, a conviction at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal from May 2017.

Castlerea Prison

On that date, County was convicted of being a co-perpetrator in the concealment, removal and disposal of the corpse of Keith Ennis in Amsterdam and had been sentenced to 21 months in prison.

After learning of his conviction in the Netherlands, the DPP ordered County be brought back before Judge Johnson on Thursday, who revoked his bail on the basis of the serious previous conviction in the Netherlands.

In May 2017, County and two other men were sentenced to two years in prison for hiding Ennis’s body in 2009, but County had already served that time while on remand in a Dutch prison.

During the Ennis murder trial in the Netherlands earlier that year, convicted drug dealer County did not show up for the case because his family were under threat and received a bullet in the post, according to his lawyer.

However, this was rubbished by Dutch prosecutors, who described him as “an enforcer” for an Irish organised crime gang.

Dutch judges said in their verdict that the outcome of the investigation into Ennis’s violent death was “highly unsatisfactory, especially for Ennis’s next of kin, who do not know who murdered him”.

Ennis (29) was stabbed to death in February 2009 in an apartment in Rotterdam. He suffered multiple stab wounds to his head and face and several fatal knife slashes to his back, penetrating vital organs.

Afterwards, his body was cut up with a chainsaw. The head was severed and hidden in a suitcase which was dumped in a canal. The remains were found on February 24, 2009, in a lake in Amsterdam.

Source: Irish News