Dublin Airport rejects 'untruths' over operations

Dublin Airport rejects 'untruths' over operations
Dublin Airport rejects 'untruths' over operations

Dublin Airport has hit out at people who “peddle untruths” about its service.

In a series of tweets today, it responded to claims that it is “business as usual” and that there is no testing or quarantining at the airport.

“We’d like to correct errors,” the airport told its 328,700 Twitter followers, pointing out that far from it being “business as usual”, the airport had “fewer than 900 arriving and departing passengers” on Monday.

This compared with a “normal” Easter Monday, when there would be more than 100,000 passengers.

Figures for Cork Airport are also down, from 70,000 passengers over four days last year to just 400 now. Only two flights between Cork and London, four days a week, are operating.

“That’s not business as usual,” said Dublin Airport, which last week that announced it was moving most staff to a four-day working week, from April 25 to June 20, and cut pay by 20%.

We’re open because Irish Government policy is that we’re open as an essential business to allow for the operation of vital cargo flights, such as medical supplies, and the repatriation of Irish citizens.

“The HSE isn’t screening, as isn’t recommended by the World Health Organisation or by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.”

It said that, for several weeks, HSE staff at the airport have informed all arriving passengers that they need to restrict their movements for 14 days.

“The Irish Government’s general movement restrictions also apply,” it said.

“At all times since the outbreak of this public health crisis Dublin Airport has followed the health and travel guidelines that have been set out by the Irish State. Like other airports throughout the world, we adhere to policies set by our respective national governments.”

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