Confused Mom Confronts Daughter about a ‘Sex Toy’ in the Dish Washer

Confused Mom Confronts Daughter about a ‘Sex Toy’ in the Dish Washer

An upset and confused mother sees a ‘sex toy’ in the dish washer, what else could be the reaction of a mom?

Yes, a mother surprisingly saw a ‘sex toy’ thinking that it was supposed to be washed by her daughter in the sink and might actually have forgotten about it.

The Awkward Confrontation

The mom bravely confronted her daughter bringing with her the alleged sex toy wrapped in a towel.

The daughter shared a photo of the ‘sex toy’ on Reddit and said that her mom found out about the alleged sex toy in the dishwasher. “[Mom] gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me WTF I put in the dishwasher,” she added.


The Innocent Explanation

The daughter innocently explained that the alleged sex toy is not a sex toy after all. It was surprisingly just a tumbler that shrunk.

But who can blame the mom when it actually signifies how a sex toy looks like?

But now the mom knows that her daughter is not washing the ’sex toy’ but just a melted a water bottle or tumbler after all.

The Tale of the ‘Sex Toy’ Water Bottle

This is not the first time that this scenario of melted water bottle happened to the daughter. She said that this happened a lot of times before.

She’s just hoping that this would be the last time that anyone would mistakenly think of them as sex toys.