Clare's Donal Moloney blasts criticism levelled at Banner players

Clare's Donal Moloney blasts criticism levelled at Banner players
Clare's Donal Moloney blasts criticism levelled at Banner players

Clare joint-manager Donal Moloney hit out after yesterday’s game at the criticism levelled at the Banner players after recent defeats in the Munster Championship.

“It’s always a tough week, attacking players and people. The critics can attack us all they want, we’re around a long time, we don’t have any issue with that, but attacking players as they have done, it’s not very respectful. It was print and social media. Look, I don’t have to qualify, ye all know. You don’t need me to spell it out.

“We’re just very proud of our players. We can’t control other results. This is our third Sunday in a row. To be beaten, as we were last week, and then to do what they did today, to get up off the floor and do that, it really reflects the courage and character of the players.

“We’re just so proud of them. Our county should be proud of them and they shouldn’t be proud of some of the stuff they said over the last two weeks,” said Moloney, who wouldn’t be drawn on the management team’s future.

“We said at the start we wanted to get a Munster Championship record, we wanted Clare to start winning games in Munster. We’ve won six in the last three years, contested two Munster finals and died with our boots on. Clare haven’t had a record like that since the nineties.”

Yesterday’s game started perfectly with a first-minute Shane O’Donnell goal.

“Yes, Shane has been terrific all week. They’ve all been terrific all week, all of them.

“We’ll take stock, we’ll see about out futures. As I said, we started wanting to win back some respect in the Munster championship, the best part of a decade went past and Clare weren’t able to win a game in the Munster championship. When we started, the first thing we said we’d do is try to win respect in Munster. 

“We had two bad outings in three years, I’d say, and they cost us, but today the lads did us proud.” 

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