Calm before the storm: Thunder and hail are on the way


A period of “unsettled weather” will bring thunder and hail storms to the west of the country, according to Met Éireann.

Meteorologist Gavin Gallagher said heavy showers today will be widespread with chances of hail and thunder more likely in Connacht.

“It’ll be quite blustery, with strong winds on coasts and near gale force at sea,” he said.

Tomorrow will see more showers, but they won’t be as heavy as today. However they will have a risk of hail and thunder. Heavy rains from tomorrow night onwards will be the “main feature” of the week. “It will spread across the country from Wednesday night and that rain will be persistent and may be quite heavy,” said Mr Gallagher.

Saturated grounds across the country means the chances of local floods will be quite high, but Cork may avoid the devastating flooding it saw last week due to low tides.

“There will be heavy rain in the west of the country for sure on Wednesday night and on Thursday and then it will remain quite wet.”

Soak up the sunshine as thunder and hail on way

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Source: Irish News