Bones found on the fifth day of dig in search for Irish hero Red Hugh O'Donnell


Bones have been found on the fifth day of the search for the remains of Irish hero Red Hugh O’Donnell on the streets of Valladolid in Spain.

part of a skull a femur and other bones have been found on the dig on the search for Red Hugh.

It is believed that O’Donnell’s skeleton should be easily identifiable, as he had no big toes due to losing them to frostbite.

The figure was behind the Nine Years War from 1593 to 1603, suffered frostbite while hiding in the Wicklow mountains following a daring escape from Dublin Castle.

Red Hugh led arguably one of Ireland’s most successful rebellions against the English in history.

The nobleman died in Spain in 1602 while trying to secure the support of the Spanish for a further invasion in Ireland against their shared enemy, England.

“A part of the skull, a femur, and some more remains appear in what appears to be the access to the Chapel of Las Maravillas,” tweeted the Valladolid’s Culture Councillor Ana Redondo this evening.

“We are close,” the tweet added.

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Source: Irish News