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The Irish Express is Australia’s newest media brand serving the Australian Irish community, delivering breaking news, sport and everything else from around our Fair Isle.

We provide a news outlet and service like no other. Built for mobile and driven by social, The Irish Express has a unique and contemporary two-way relationship with our readers who will always be at the core of everything we do.

As will our advertising partners.

We are a perfect platform for brands and businesses to engage with the modern, thriving audience around Australia.

The Irish Express offers unrivaled, unique and innovative advertising opportunities within desktop and mobile display, branded content commissions, native advertising and media partnerships.

At The Irish Express we pride ourselves on content, a well managed community and how we have built an active audience. However our audience may be different to yours, which is why we also offer content creation and community management.

We create top-class sponsored content for brands to drive awareness of their products and deliver sales. Our aim when producing native content is to steer clear of dull advertorial, and create a piece that genuinely engages and entertains our core readers – a piece that delivers genuine value to reader and client alike.