10 Things Irish People Living In Australia Miss Most

10 Things Irish People Living In Australia Miss Most

10 Things Irish People Miss When Away from Home

If you are Irish, there are some things you will not get when in another corner of the world.

At first, it may seem like a welcome break being away from them. But when the heart grows fonder, there are a chance that we know something is amiss. Although your favorite may not be on the list, the items included are among the most popular according to the Irish culture and way of life. If yours is among the items mentioned, know you are not alone in missing your dear home.

Full Irish Breakfast

If you walk into a restaurant anywhere else and order for breakfast or you are preparing your own, you need to put into consideration a few things when you are Irish. The sad thing is that, out there, they do not have what it takes to qualify for a full breakfast.

Brennan’s Bread

Whether you like the sliced pan or the Batch variety, there is no bread in the world like Brennan’s. You will do your homework, and though some impressive bread exists, nothing will beat Brennan’s. Try making a sandwich with Brennan’s bread and learn of its sweetness.


The Best Cows

Somehow, Irish cows seem to give the best butter, cream, milk and just about any other dairy product. Travel abroad, and you will attest to the fact that there is no better dairy product than that from an Irish cow.


Easy Access To The Seaside

When in Ireland, the coast is but always a few miles from wherever location you are. Try that in other countries, and you will take days reaching the coast. And by the way, there are countries without a coast!

Only an Irish person can understand the heaven we are in back at home with sand in our sangwitches!!


Caffrey’s Chocolate

Whether you go for the Big Time bars, Macaroon, Tea Cakes, Snowballs or any other variety, this set of chocolates are world beaters.

If you find them away from home, count yourself lucky as you will be snacking on the very best of chocolates.


Good Tae

We may be a small nation, but our teas beg to differ. We have given the world the best teas for many years now, and although you might be lucky to land an Irish cup out there, nothing beats a Barry’s when back at home.

The Great Weather

As much as we all whinge and complain about the weather in Ireland rarely do we experience very extreme weather conditions like some other nations such as Australia do.

We might be a small country located on the edge of Europe, but we never miss the sun for too long. Come winter, summer or the shorter seasons between them; we do not have sulky weather back at home.

Have a listen to the Teresa Mannion remix..


Tayto Crisps

We have to admit it; you will taste crisps from Sydney to Toronto and still agree that Tayto is the very best in their class. Is it because our farmers know proper potato farming or our chefs just have a secret ingredient for the right crisps. Gimme a bag a cheese an onion any day.


Crisp lovers, rejoice! You can now buy a Tayto crisp sandwiches kit.

Maniac 2000

What would a night out without Mark McCabe’s classic? We all know the answer; gloomy. We all love this jam, and it is the closest thing to a national anthem for us. Whatever McCabe baked into this jam, one day we will find out.

In the meantime, let’s boogie to it.

The Pubs

Unless you are a clever drinker with the world map on the all the open clubs, you will miss the always-open pubs at home where you can down a few pints no matter the day of week (or the time of day).

And of course we all miss the local characters like the fella in the background below…

Have you got any other Irish favourites that you miss?

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